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Joomla-SMF Forum 2.0RC3_1


Compatibility:    Mambo 4.5.x Joomla 1.0.x
Description:    The JoomlaHacks Joomla-SMF Forum(JSMF) Bridge is intended to be used with Joomla Content Management System(J!) and Simple Machines Forum(SMF). The bridge integrates these two pieces of software allowing one login, registration, and user modification point for both systems. The JoomlaHacks bridge goes one step further and adds full integration with Community Builder (CB) using a CB plugin and allows the use of a wide array of logins. In addition, this bridge allows a choice of Personal Message Systems to be used with the integration.

The JoomlaHacks JSMF project not only includes the bridge but also many optional modules and mambots. One of the modules is a login module that has optional features like avatar display, multiple SMF related links, and ability to add additional links. Another module is the recent topics which will display your most recent SMF topics on your Joomla frontpage. You can even use XTHML compliant marquee-like scrolling for your recent topics. The final module is a who’s online replacement that optionally displays users in their SMF membergroup colors and works with Flashchat.

In addition to the modules the project includes a mambot, the SMF discussbot, which will create new topics from your content. This can be setup to automatically create a new topic or only when a user wishes to discuss the article.

The project delivers several plugins to integrate with other third party components. This includes the plugin for Community Builder which provides full integration with CB. In addition, Brat has contributed several CB profile plugins to display SMF information in your CB profiles. New to version 2.0 is a Joomap plugin to allow a sitemap to be built from your SMF boards, categories, and topics.

In JSMF 2.0RC3 a number of caching improvements were made in addition to a number of bug fixes. The release addresses a number of issues introduced in 2.0RC2 in hopes of solidifying the bridge for a final release.

This version of the JoomlaHacks JSMF bridge marks a significant step forward in full integration with SMF and CB. This step could not have been reached without the help and support of many of our users on the JoomlaHacks Forums but most importantly my test team. Thanks to them this bridge is continuing to improve.

Thanks to the entire community for your support through help, code contributions, requests for features, and especially donations! You all make this fun for me!

Submitted On:    27 Nov 2006
Submitted By:    Wolverine (joshualross)
File Date:    21 Nov 2006
File Author:    Wolverine
File Version:    2.0RC3_1
File Size:    218.95Kb
File Type:    zip
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Comments:   Edwin Culp   2006-11-21 20:09:30
   Wish the site would work a bit better. Pages don't seem to want ot finish loading.
   alex nikolov   2006-11-22 06:49:07
   Hi I install new CB Your version is : 1.0.1 and Joomla Your version of Joomla! [ 1.0.11 Stable ] and AGAIN the Registration is NOT working I looked at all postings my SEF is Off registartion is ON Dinamic Pages Off joomlas login is Unpublished HELP The problem is that when you click on the registration link the site disappears
   Dave   2006-11-23 18:40:35
   Turn on debugging and note, this is a n Release Candidate version. Bugs are to expected in a non stable version
   Wolverine   2006-11-24 21:45:03
   Please, post problems in the forums.
   amaronew   2006-12-03 18:44:55
   Zooropa   2006-12-05 02:03:16
   how to download?
   Alex   2006-12-09 11:28:10
   I am waiting for new Version because i have installed SMF Final 1.1 and the Bridge doesnt`t work with it together ;(
   Allison   2006-12-11 15:36:34
   Zooropa, There is a picture in the upper left hand corner of the page called download_trans.gif - it's a red arrow pointing to a hard drive I believe. Right above Google Ads. Just click on it, will download! Must be logged in - so register if you havent already.
   sokrin   2006-12-15 14:33:53
   The SMF Absolute Path and SMF Table Prefix keeps telling me "(incorrect path/prefix)". I replaced the brackets part <> with "forums." It still doesn't work. :( I would really appreciate some help.
   hooga   2006-12-19 06:39:33
   how can i download ???
   h   2006-12-22 14:21:02
   you have to be registered
   Alexander   2007-01-03 13:42:31
   Sorry, I'm registered and logged in, but I can't download. What's the matter?
   Caca   2007-02-01 01:57:33
   ChesTeR_Z   2007-02-16 12:39:40
   Failed: Code to be patched not found in file: header( \'Expires/usr/local/apache/data/htdocs/index.php
   lokman hakimi   2007-04-13 06:22:41
   Michel Cote   2007-08-28 18:19:11
   Will there be a patched version to go along the new Joomla! 1.0.13? I'm having issues with disconnect...
   Hakan   2007-10-12 15:32:59
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