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Backing Up Remote MySQL Database To Your Local Desktop

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Saturday, 26 March 2005
MySQL Administrator A very important task to do when you have a website is "always make a backup". For website that collects database data, it is recommended to do the backup process daily. Fortunately, most webhosting provider have this feature on their control panel. Just click and it's done or you can even schedule it. When a disaster occur, you can just always go through your backup and go from there. But, this process sometimes is not reliable. For additional peace of mind, this how-to will focus more on backing up your MySQL database seperately.

The tool to use is MySQL Administrator. It's a client software that can connect to a remote database. This article will explain just how to use the software and configure your connection to your webhosting server. With this tool, you can schedule your backup daily, weekly, or however you want it from your desktop.

Download And Install MySQL Administrator:

Download this software from Here's a direct link from the product page. Installing the software is just straight forward so there's no need for detail instruction about this process.

Configure Your Webhosting Control Panel:

My webhosting control panel is cPanel-X.

  1. Get your IP. To get your IP, go to "Start", "Run", type "cmd". Then on the DOS shell, type "ipconfig". If you are connected through a router or Wi-Fi network, you will not get the correct IP. What you will get is That's not the IP you need. For this, you need to go to your Wi-Fi netowork administration and look for your gateway IP.
  2. When you have your IP, go to your control panel and click MySQL Databases icon on your control panel.
  3. In MySQL Database page, at the bottom you will see "Access Hosts". There is a field provided where you can put your IP. This just tells which machines can connect to your MySQL database. The IP is the identification of your machine.


    If you internet connection is DHCP, please use a wildcard. So when your IP changes, you don't have to go back and put a new one. E.g.: If your IP is you need to put 209.123.123.%. So if the last 3 digits of you IP changes, you're configuration will still be ok.

Configure Your MySQL Administrator For Backup:

  1. Launch MySQL Administrator and login to your remote server.

    MySQL Administrator

  2. Select "Backup" from the menu

    MySQL Administrator Menu

  3. Click "New Project" button at the bottom.
  4. Type the "Project Name" of your backup.
  5. Click the database you want to backup. At the right area, you will see the list of tables from that database. By default everything is clicked. Which means, your backing up the whole database.

    MySQL Administrator Project

  6. Click the "Advanced Options" tab. And just follow what's on the figure below.

    MySQL Administrator Advanced Options

  7. If you want to schedule a backup, click "Schedule" tab. I think this part is just self explainatory.

    MySQL Administrator Schedule

That's It!

This is all you need to be safe when a disaster occur. Just launch MySQL Administrator and click the "Restore" menu if the need arise.

To backup your files, just use the backup feature from your webhosting control panel.
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... : kozuch82
:grin :grin :grin
January 25, 2006
bigAPE Backup : johnnydement
There is a pretty nice component for mambo for backing up your site and SQL database, is called bigAPE Backup

I use it for my site and works pretty good
August 13, 2005
Amateur : Guest

my hosting company dont allow to make backups with mysql administrator hosting service sucks! warning with Evanzo sucks!

Stop crying like a baby. Read the description and log into your SQL directly. It's actually quite simple ..

// Charlie
June 24, 2005
great : ruigato
thank you for this tutorial
July 7, 2005
Nice article : aravot
You have to use your database login name and password.
March 28, 2005
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