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Joomla-SMF Forum Step By Step Installation

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Saturday, 08 October 2005
Joomla-SMFThis article is for those new to Joomla and SMF. If you already have either Joomla or SMF installed, just install the other software on the same database. Remember if you use the Fantastico installer from CPANEL, it installs the software on seperate database. Don't use Fantastico, you need to do the setup and configuration manually.

STEP 1: Install Joomla.

Install Joomla

STEP 2: Install SMF on the same database as Joomla.

Install SMF

STEP 3: Install Joomla-SMF Forum.

  • Extract the package.
  • The package contains:
    * (the main component)
    * (login module)
    * (recent topic module)
  • From Joomla, click "Installers", then "Component" menu
  • Browse the location of the component package ""
  • Then click install.

STEP 4: Configure the Joomla-SMF Forum component.

Joomla-SMF Configuration

The complete configuration looks like the figure below.
NOTE: Installation Checklist must be marked "done" or "installed".

Complete Configuration

Comments (15)add feed
How can I connect joomla 1.5 and smf 2.x.x : avijit
I want to connect smf into joomla 1.5, can anybody tell/inform me how can I do that.....
Thanks in advance
April 2, 2009
... : robbed18 :
Installed the smf component in joomla 1.0.x and when I go to select configure I get a white screen. Attempted to uninstall and reinstall with no success. Not a mem issue as far as I can tell.
November 30, 2008
Excellent : arunsiam :
Very good component
October 19, 2008
A primer might have been nice : Islamabad Property :
What a nightmare. OK so you have to choose either Joomla login and registration (enable the module in Joomla) OR the SMF module. I disabled the Joomla one and am just using the SMF one now. When i need to send a mass mail or something, I go to the SMF component install and synch the users. It's not really integrated, just a simple db link. A primer telling us what to expect might have been helpful.
September 18, 2008
Fixed the index.php problem : DocMood :
Now i've got it all running and synchronised the usernames (tried the realnames aswell) but I can't get ANY user to sign on to the SMF whilst within Joomla (index.php?com_smf etc etc) If I access the forum directly as before i can sign in.
September 18, 2008
Joomla SMF Index Patch : DocMood :
I installed the zip, then realised i had to have the smf database in the same databse as joomla so i exported and imported in MySQL. Joomla works fine. I then continued withthe install bu the next option which says install patch doesn't say done and i don't know how to do it.

Any assistance please.
September 18, 2008
... : haider khan
From where i will find the component??please reply
July 23, 2007
Parse error: parse error, unexpected : jerseygirljc :
Can someone help please, the problem is that my site' homepage displays- Parse error: parse error, unexpected ';' in /home/content/b/e/a/bearyhealthy/html/administrator/components/com_smf/config.smf.php on line 4
I can't access forum configuration in the admin section as well.
Please help.
April 6, 2007
forum : redroses
how to start with forum. i add it in components now what i do so this forum get in working
March 2, 2007
... : alexnikolov
Hi I install new CB Your version is : 1.0.1
and Joomla Your version of Joomla! [ 1.0.11 Stable ]
Joomla-SMF Forum 2.0RC3

and AGAIN the CB Registration is NOT working

I looked at all postings
my SEF is Off
registartion is ON
images/grin.gifinamic Pages Off
joomlas login is Unpublished


The problem is that when you click on the registration link the site disappears
November 22, 2006
Where do I install SMF? : Ada :
Hi there, I have just started a website and don't know much.
I already have Joomla installed(someone else did it) and now I want to install SMF. Where do I go exactly to do that?
November 2, 2006
synchronize : artizan
How do I synchronize Joomla users with SMF forum Users?
June 24, 2006
ummm... probably stupid question : knowledgenet
ummm... I think I know the answer to this one of which is to unpach SMF, probably uninstall the component and then upgrade Joomla... so now that i quessed the answer, here is the question:

images/grin.gifo you have to uninstall the component completely or just unpatch SMF forum index.php and the joomla index.php?
December 25, 2005
... : admin
well, this is not related here but in Tip #1. I was told that this will be fixed in Joomla 1.0.3.
October 14, 2005
Bug in cache code : Exordium
There is currently a bug in the 1.0.2 cachecode breaking frontpage-pagination

October 13, 2005
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