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26. AkoComment (1 release)
 [Mambo 4.5.2.x / Joomla 1.0.x] Let's your users comment on your content items. Multilanguage, BBCode and Smilie support. Make sure you also install the AkoComment Mambot!
  Date submitted: 2005-10-23 13:40:41
Author: Arthur Konze
Project Total Votes: 195
Project Total Score: 659.1
Project Avg. Rating: 3.380000
Project Total Downloads: 5689
27. JoomlaBoard (1 release)
 [Joomla 1.0.x] The Simpleboard forum component has been renamed to Joomlaboard, following the 1.1 release of Joomlaboard. Joomlaboard 1.1 is the joomla-ready version of the latest Simpleboard 1.1 release. Version numbering has been left intact to avoiud confusion. Joomlaboard can NOT be used on any Mambo installation. Simpleboard will only run on Mambo up until version and will not be supported on higher version. The TSMF will continue to support Simpleboard 1.1 alongside with Joomlabaord 1.1 up until the next version of Joomlaboard. Once the next version of Joomlaboard is out, Simpleboard support will be withdrawn. Joomlaboard can be downloaded from straight away.
  Date submitted: 2005-10-22 21:45:38
Author: Jan de Graaff
Project Total Votes: 176
Project Total Score: 594.9
Project Avg. Rating: 3.380000
Project Total Downloads: 13848
28. ServerStat (1 release)

With Serverstat you can show the online status for several servers (web, ftp, game, voice and streaming audio). It also has a flexible template system, an extensive help module, a mambot and a module for rendering individual server status.

  Date submitted: 2005-11-05 12:00:36
Author: Wilco Jansen
Project Total Votes: 18
Project Total Score: 61
Project Avg. Rating: 3.390000
Project Total Downloads: 1944
29. Joomla! Component | Flash Slide Show Gallery (1 release)
 - Slide in menu
- Define Fade time
- Define Image time
- Caption on/off
- Repeat on/off

Add more images edit

  Date submitted: 2007-02-05 22:59:07
Project Total Votes: 193
Project Total Score: 654.3
Project Avg. Rating: 3.390000
Project Total Downloads: 10286
30. Mambo-SMF Integration v1.0 (1 release)
 A completely revamped version of SMF-Bridge 3.02 by Theodore Hildebrandt.
  Date submitted: 2005-10-24 12:32:05
Author: Cowboy1015
Project Total Votes: 5
Project Total Score: 17
Project Avg. Rating: 3.400000
Project Total Downloads: 1075
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