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16. Zoom Top Contributor (1 release)
 [Mambo 4.5.2.x / Joomla 1.0.x] Zoom Top Contributor displays users with most zoom media contribution.
  Date submitted: 2005-10-22 22:09:17
Project Total Votes: 6
Project Total Score: 23
Project Avg. Rating: 3.830000
Project Total Downloads: 1030
17. MH2 Google AdSense Module (1 release)
 Make sense of Google's AdSense!

mh2_GoogleAdSense Module version 1.0 for Joomla/Mambo.

Place your Google AdSense content in any module area with ease!
No modifications to code to add your Google AdSense scripts

Backend Features:
Configurable block sizeing
Create your own graphic header

The Google Name, Google logo and Google AdSense Logo are (c) Google Inc.

  Date submitted: 2007-03-12 01:29:53
Author: MH2 Design
Project Total Votes: 25
Project Total Score: 91.5
Project Avg. Rating: 3.660000
Project Total Downloads: 1102
18. Hot or Not?? (1 release)
 Load this into your Joomla site and let your site visitors rate pictures from Hot or Not. It's configurable too. You can set it to show both men and women, or just one gender. You can limit the images based on their current hotness, based on previous voting, and you can also limit the age range of the people returned if you desire.
  Date submitted: 2006-09-22 02:16:12
Author: Ben Conley
Project Total Votes: 29
Project Total Score: 98.9
Project Avg. Rating: 3.410000
Project Total Downloads: 1148
19. Xe-Odeo MP3 Player (1 release)
 Xe-Odeo MP3 Player - SWF - Actionscript 2.0! FREE Music Player - Embed Odeo MP3 Sound!
  Date submitted: 2007-06-07 01:59:49
Author: Xe-Media Software
Project Total Votes: 41
Project Total Score: 142.3
Project Avg. Rating: 3.470000
Project Total Downloads: 1191
20. EZ Donate (1 release)
 The EZ Donate module allows you to easily show a PayPal donation button on your web site. It has a number of configurable parameters which can be set via the module manager.
  Date submitted: 2005-10-24 19:28:24
Author: KJ Strickland
Project Total Votes: 11
Project Total Score: 39.1
Project Avg. Rating: 3.550000
Project Total Downloads: 1200
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