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36. CB Stats (1 release)
 [Mambo 4.5.2.x / Joomla 1.0.x] This module create stats from any fields from community builder.
  Date submitted: 2005-10-22 22:11:12
Author: Editor
Project Total Votes: 50
Project Total Score: 179
Project Avg. Rating: 3.580000
Project Total Downloads: 1887
37. Joomla Flashplay (1 release)
 A quick and dirty flash module. This module allows you to add flash movies easily into your site.

Uses an IE flash plugin fix.

  Date submitted: 2006-10-02 22:49:23
Author: Martyn Knapton
Project Total Votes: 41
Project Total Score: 136.9
Project Avg. Rating: 3.340000
Project Total Downloads: 1946
38. Artist Radio Stations Module (1 release)
 This modules will add radio stations from the Unsigned Band Web to your Joomla site. You can install through the Joomla admin panel. There are several genre's to choose from and all songs are streamed from our servers while visitors stay on your site.
  Date submitted: 2006-02-06 23:05:27
Project Total Votes: 32
Project Total Score: 111
Project Avg. Rating: 3.470000
Project Total Downloads: 2019
39. BSQ Site Stats Module (1 release)
 BSQ Site Stats module that displays the site stats.

mod_bsq_sitestats 1.0 finally released! - bsq_sitestats
You can finally see reports in Joomla for your sitestats (collected with the bsq_sitestats component) with mod_bsq_sitestats.

All reports are cached for a configurable amount of time as to maintain bsq_sitestats's minimal impact on your database server.

Currently, the following stats can be shown in this module:
Total Hits
Unique Visitors
Today's Hits
Today's Unique Visitors
Average Hits Per Visitor
Average Hits Per Visitor Over an Interval
Top Search Engine Keywords
Top Visitor Languages
Top Visitor Platforms (Window, Linux..etc)
Top Referer Domains
Top Referer URLs
Top URLs
Top Web Browsers

  Date submitted: 2005-10-30 17:13:04
Author: Brent Stolle
Project Total Votes: 26
Project Total Score: 94.9
Project Avg. Rating: 3.650000
Project Total Downloads: 2076
40. Xe-Speedtest (1 release)
 Flash High-Bandwidth Speed Test Module - Xe-SpeedtestV1 (Flash Bandwidth detection script Joomla Mambo - Bandwidth Detector) Test the speed of your Internet connection...
  Date submitted: 2006-06-14 19:00:24
Author: Xe-Media Software
Project Total Votes: 44
Project Total Score: 160.6
Project Avg. Rating: 3.650000
Project Total Downloads: 2131
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